Monday, 10 September 2012

Bracing myself...

First of all, this blog is now going to include my university personal course work as well as my free time work- so it'll be a lot more boring, you've been warned. Basically we all found out this morning we should be keeping personal record as well as group record of our projects. I simply couldn't be bothered thinking of more crackin' a name than "In Soviet Russia Art Blogs You" and since the flow of new posts on this is never ample I thought I'd just make THIS my course work Production Diary (+ occasional outlet for artistic frustration) I'm working with 3 groups so I'll mark what production it's for clearly and link to the group blog

This particular masterpiece is a rough personal schedule I'm working on in Excel for Dancing Nina It's also a screen capture because I didn't know how to post the pdf in blogger- but, like I said, it's a working progress.

It only runs until Christmas assessments atm, and according to our new briefs we need 10% of our film fully finished by that assessment, which is why it looks so tight. 10% of our film is roughly 18secs so if we split the animation we will each animate 6secs. We spoke briefly today about which shot we would use for this 18 sec clip, I'm voting for part of the dance sequence.We could simultaneously bag a "money shot" and one in which the dramatic lighting will cut out most of the background and props (a spotlight effect on the 2 dancers) hence why I have prop modelling scheduled for myself while someone else is taking care of the rigging/texturing of the characters. Anyway this is very early stuff so it probably won't stay this way- plus most likely, I've forgotten something.