Wednesday, 18 June 2014

An experiment...

I made this in a programme called Art Rage 4 which simulates sort-of real life physics for traditional art materials... doesn't mean i entirely understand how to use them though :P It's pretty rough and ready but i think the better parts of it, like the actual portrait, make it a bareable finished piece for me... at any rate i can't spend any more time on it! 
My aim was to try and fit lot's of different media into it- to test the programme, but also so i could go for realistic skin and face, and more stylised hair- which are my favourite things.

I was inspired by this  photograph which i don't own: 

I made this tiny sketch to try and work out what i wanted the final to look like. I actually drew this having already finished the hair and face in Art Rage. I didn't know what i wanted her clothes to look like or how i was going to frame her, but i knew i was going for a Gustav Klimt look.

I used this painting by Klimt near the end of my process as reference for her clothes and line work.

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