Thursday, 15 October 2015

Life drawing after uni!

I have started attending weekly drawing club All the Young Nudes in Dundee since completing my Masters course, so here are my efforts so far! 

I may sometimes forget about the blog but i do try and post all my arts onto instagram @rockitbabydoll and i have a new twitter which i would also like to start filling with my art @RockItBabyDoll. (I really have to have a serious chat with myself about branding but this username has stuck since my teens and my full name just seems boring... however i am aware of how embarrassing it is so bare with me)

Ofcourse there is also my official online portfolio that i link to potential employers: This, i am considering scrapping and remaking as a tumblr blog because i have seen portfolios as tumblr pages that look tasty! Aaaand i  feel like it would be far more accessible than coroflot. 

I haven't quite got into the rhythm of producing work regularly enough to have a facebook art page but i'm definitely thinking about it- i just need to sort my life out a bit first!

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