Saturday, 31 December 2011

Lady Gaga's face

(Reference from a still from the official music video for "Bad Romance")
(Oil on canvas)

FINALLY, this has been over a year in production, and i gave up and painted over it a couple of times, before finally just wanting my floor clear of jars and palettes and newspaper and knuckling down. It was done before Christmas but then i had no means to photograph it with, now it's finally reached the interwebs with the help of my cousin Andrew Lawson!

I really enjoyed recreating the blur vs focus in the still i worked from, and working in such high contrast was fun but expensive in terms of titanium white tubes of paint ¬_¬ I get the feeling i overworked this one though, simply because of the length of time it took to complete which comes hand in hand with being both perfectionist, lazy and temperamental ... sigh.

I haven't planned a new painting yet, I have an idea for a subject but i want to try it digitally.


  1. Click on the image people, it looks good BIG!

  2. Haha, yeahh :), gutted i couldn't get the thumbnail to show on facebook either :(