Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Dog rose tattoo design

I was asked to draw a tattoo for a friend aaages ago, she specifically requested dog roses/ wild roses and wanted them to be somewhere on her back- she remarked that she liked Lady Gaga's lower back/ hip rose tattoo so this is designed to go in the same place with the buds closer to the spine and the rose hips trailing across and over the hip bone, but it could also go at the back of the shoulder.
I looked at pictures of the real flowers as well as Cicely Mary Barker's flower fairy illustrations/ poems for inspiration- the poem for wild roses was a lot to do with being an English rose, so i think that suits my friend well :)
The 3 drawings show how the design went from graphite to digital. Obviously it needs to be discussed and altered according to what she wants.

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  1. Hi, nice image - could I use it in a paper, with attribution?